Blog Post Scrapping including Formatting (Line breaks, Headline, Bold etc.)

I’ve just started using Bardeen to scrape Blog Post into Google Docs. So far I managed to get the scraper working and create Documents that included all the text. The problem however is that it does not take into a account any line breaks as well as the formatting (bold or not and if possible font size).

Is there any way to fix this? I couldn’t find anything about this in the resources. Would appreciate if anyone knows an answer!

This is the Blog I am trying to scrape but the question would apply to any other blog as well.

Hi there,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible through Bardeen yet.

HI @nathan ,

Welcome to the community ! Jess is correct

However, we are constantly adding new features to Bardeen. Feel free to upvote the idea to scrape rich text format here:

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