Batch Company Research Report

Hi! I’m wondering if there is a way to automate generating a company research report in batches. I listed up the companies that I want to research on Google Sheet and am trying to use the “Generate a company research report in a Google Doc from a company website using BardeenAI” automation. However, it seems like only one company can be done per automation, and I need to input a company manually. I think there must be only a few steps to complete automatically, from sourcing the company names from Google Sheets to running the research report automation. Could someone help me with it?

Hi Hannah,

Before the ‘Get organization info from Apollo’ action, you could add a ‘Get table from google sheet’ action which will then ask you which google sheet you want to get the list from. In the Get organization infor from apollo action, you’ll then need to change the domain field to map to the correct column in the Google sheet.

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