Bardeen extracting Twitter's (~recently implemented) embedded URLs

Hey Bardeen friends,

Further growing in love with your fantastic service, which works perfectly.

I’ve noticed the following change pertaining to Twitter.
1. Before the transition to, a URL would also be present in the text-box of the tweet.
2. Today, after some curious recentish changes, a single url in the text-body of the tweet is morphed into the embeded image form. No longer visible in the text-box.
– Crucially, it is still visible (and extractable) in the web-source page.
3. Presently, likely because of the questionable Twitter changes, Bardeen does not extract this (now embedded, missing from the text-box) URL, but does succesfully extract the adjacent text.

My questions are:
A) I’ve first dilligently aimed to look up if it’s my own oversight in not noticing a way Bardeen might extract this vital URL data. But it’s possible I’ve a blindspot.

Is it possible to extract said url using Bardeen? (alongside the rest of the data it currently beautifully amasses).

B) If my speculation is correct, and it’s just a case of Bardeen running on a pre Novemeber 2023 template for Twitter/ — not yet adapted for this URL → embed URL change.
Is there a place where I could place a request for incorporating this minor (but vital) url data extraction?

I am overjoyed you folks and your incredible service exist. I wish you all a lovely and chilly summer.

Hi @Diana_B, Happy to hear you are liking Bardeen :slight_smile:

This is possible to get the media URL from within the post using CSS Selectors in the scraper template. I was able to return the URL by using the below selector:

a > div.css-175oi2r.r-vznvhx.r-rki7wi.r-u8s1d.r-14fd9ze

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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