Automating PubMed Lead Generation Workflow

Hi Bardeen Community,

I am Chirag, i work for a biotechnology startup, we make collagen fibers for researchers in the tissue engineering sector.

I am trying to creat a workflow to generate leads from the open database of Pubmed using Key words and wanted to know if this can be done using bardeen.

My current workflow is as follows:

  1. Open Pub med (
  2. Search keyword (eg- matrigel)
  3. Mine the authors of each paper
  4. Google each author/researcher (using full name)
  5. Extract Email id of research/ principle Scientist from instituions website.
  6. Populate data in Excel (First Name, Last Name, Title, Email id)

It would be great to know if this can be automated using bardeen. looking forward to your suggestions and guidance.

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