Automating online ordering with Bardeen

Hi everyone, can Bardeen be used to do the following to automate online ordering (e.g., on ASOS)?

  • From a Google Sheet, get a list of products and their associated sizes.
  • For each product, search using the product SKU/name
  • Open the first search result.
  • On the product page, select the size from the Google Sheet
  • Add the product to the cart
  • Once all products are in the cart, place the order

Hey @ldescaunes! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community :cat_jam:

With Bardeen, you can definitely automate parts of the online ordering process, like getting a list of products and their sizes from a Google Sheet, searching for each product using the SKU/name, and opening the first search result.

That’s possible as long as the URL structure allows it. FAQ on this: FAQ: How to search the same text across multiple websites? |

However, as of now, Bardeen doesn’t have the capability to place orders for you.

But this could be a great opportunity to try out our Bardeen Web Actions (beta) feature with @michael.lutz and see if it can assist you further.

Let us know if you have any more questions! :blush:

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