Automate Anything With HTTP Requests | Bardeen Tutorial

TL;DR: Learn how to use HTTP requests in Bardeen to automate manual workflows and integrate with various apps and databases. Discover how to make GET requests to retrieve information and POST requests to send data to your favorite apps. No need for app integrations or API credentials!

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding HTTP protocols and their role in transferring information on the internet

  • Building automations with GET requests to fetch data from servers

  • Integrating with Google Sheets to store and organize retrieved information

  • Making POST requests to send data to external apps, even if Bardeen doesn’t have a direct integration

  • Using bitly as an example to shorten URLs and create workarounds for unsupported apps

Who is this video for:

  • Bardeen users who want to level up their automation skills

  • Individuals looking to automate manual workflows and save time

  • Those interested in learning about HTTP requests and their applications in no-code automation tools